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  • Hi, my name is Petronella, from Hungary, and we plan with my husband Mount Kazbek climbing.What do you say, wich is the best month for climbing?August? We have good physically condition, and the highiest summit what we climbed was in the High Tatra, Gerlachowsy peak, 2655m. It is will be enough experience to the Kazbek?What is the price for 2 people? people?Thanks for your answer!

    auth: Petronella Pakodi
  • Hello I would like to go forward with you in booking a package to go to the Kazbek some time in July August this year. At the moment it is only me. Shai

    auth: Shai Lifshitz
  • Хотел совершить восхождение на гору Казбеги. Хотел узнать имеются ли у Вас 2-3 дневные туры по возхождению и сколько это будет стоить?

    auth: сергазы